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Are you annoyed with wrinkles and lines?

We can give you the appearance you have always wanted. Since we have a strong background in cosmetic and restorative procedures we are very focused on beauty and facial proportions. Our training and expertise will give you a youthful and confident look- comfortably in minutes.

You may ask why have a dentist do this procedure? The answer is obvious. It is well known that dentists are among the most experienced and skilled in giving many types of injections. In fact when you think about it when was the last time a physician even picked up a syringe? In our modern facility, where anesthetic is readily available, Botox® and facial filler procedures are being gently administered-and only by the doctor, not a nurse.

Botox® Treatment

  • Smoothes wrinkles and lines- forehead, crows feet and between the eyebrows
  • Can give a lift to the eyebrows and lessen a gummy smile

We can use a gentle anesthetic to make your treatment fully comfortable. Botox® appointment usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Facial Fillers (Non surgical face-lift)

  • Improve appearance by filling in wrinkles and facial crevices. Primarily around the nose, cheecks, lips, chin, forehead and between the brows and eye areas.
  • Enhance the fullness of lips and remove vertical lines above the upper lip and below the lower lip
  • Fill in skin depressions damaged by acne.
  • Effects last 12 to 16 months
  • Facial filler appointments are simply performed with a small amount of dental local anesthetic and are completed in 20 to 45 minutes.